Comprehensive Plan Update

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Community Survey

Uwchlan Township wants YOU to be a part of the Comprehensive Plan update! As part of the Uwchlan 2020 plan, the Township will be conducting a community survey to get resident and property owners input on a wide range of different issues ranging from quality of life to energy sustainability.

Please click the link below to take the survey. There is also links to a flyer and post card promoting the survey if you would like to help us spread the word or post in your business. Paper copies of the survey are also available in the Township building lobby. 

Online Community Survey

PDF Community Survey Flyer

PDF Community Survey Postcard

Uwchlan Township 2020 Comprehensive Plan

Update Process

Uwchlan Township last underwent the Comprehensive Plan update process roughly 10 years ago, with the most recent update being adopted in 2010. Every 10 years the Township reevaluates the Comprehensive Plan and what changes are needed to meet the needs of the changing environment and the Uwchlan Township community. This process brings together various stakeholders from the communities volunteer boards, residents and property/business owners to create a vision for Uwchlan Township and how we can continue to prosper as a community for the next 10 years. While not a binding document, the adopted plan acts as a guide for future land development and zoning ordinances, infrastructure improvements and policy changes.

Committee Meeting Dates

The Comprehensive Plan Committee meetings on the Third Thursday of every month at 3 P.M. in the main Township Meeting room. 


  • Mayme Bauman- Chairperson/Board of Supervisors
  • Richard Jordan- Planning Commission
  • Dennis Martin- Planning Commission
  • Greg Allen- Planning Commission
  • Timothy Bucher- Planning Commission
  • Charles Jackson- Historical Commission
  • Joanne Samples- Park and Recreation Committee
  • Joe Laird- Park and Recreation Committee 
  • Laura Obenski- Environmental Advisory Council
  • Bob Smiley- Plan Consultant
  • Mark Gallant- Chester County Planning Commission
  • Doug Hanley- Township Manager
  • Ted Gacomis- Township Engineer
  • Tara Giordano- Staff Liaison 
  • Katie Churchill- Staff Liaison 
  • Tom Cooke- Staff Liaison 
  • Scott Greenly- Staff Liaison