When can I put out bulk items for trash pickup?

Each resident is permitted one bulk item per week. A bulk item could be a sofa, a chair, mattress and box spring, push lawn mower, one room’s worth of carpeting, or appliances. Appliances containing Freon will be collected by appointment only. Please call Eagle Disposal at 717-355-9560 to schedule collection. The Chester County landfill will be charging $25 per item for disposal of mattresses and/or box springs placed for curbside collection. That charge will be on your trash bill. If you place both a mattress and box spring curbside, the charge will be $50. We strongly encourage people to have the company that sells them a new mattress and box spring take their old one. These companies are usually set up to recycle these. Mattresses are difficult to dispose of in the landfill. They take up a lot of space and are not very compressible. *PLEASE call to schedule a pickup 610-363-9450.

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