Medical Waste

This page has information about disposing of medical waste safely.

Prescription Medication disposal locations

Several county Justice Center and Police Department buildings have medical collection boxes. 

Chester County Justice Center 
 Sheriff's Department
201 W. Market St., Suite 1201
 West Chester
East Brandywine Township 
Police Department
1212 Horseshoe Pike
 East Brandywine
Kennett Square Borough 
 Police Department
115 N. Broad St.
 Kennett Square
New Garden Township
 Police Department
8934 Gap Newport Pike
 New Garden
North Coventry Township 
 Police Department
845 S. Hanover St.
 North Coventry
Oxford Borough 
 Police Department

57 N. Fourth St.

Parkesburg Borough 
Police Department

315 W. First Ave., Bldg. 2 

Phoenixville Borough
Police Department

351 Bridge St.

West Goshen Township
Police Department

1025 Paoli Pike 
West Goshen

Westtown-East Goshen
Regional Police Department

1041 Wilmington Pike

West Whiteland Township
Police Department

101 Commerce Dr. 
West Whiteland

Needles and syringe disposal

Home healthcare waste often includes items known as “sharps”. This may be things like: 

  • needles and syringes 
  • lancets (also called fingerstick devices) 
  • auto-injectors (like insulin pens)
  • Infusion or connection sets
  • soiled bandages
  • disposable sheets
  • medical gloves.

How to dispose of these safely

You can help prevent injury, illness, and pollution by following these simple steps:

  1. Always disinfect your “sharps” (diluted bleach works well). 
  2. Place all “sharps” in a puncture-resistant, hard plastic or metal container. For example, an empty detergent bottle with a screw-on cap or an empty coffee can. 
  3. Close the container with its original lid and secure with heavy duty tape.
  4. Place the sealed container in a paper bag and discard it with your household trash. Don’t put it in your recycling.

Put used bandages, disposable sheets, and gloves in a tightly tied plastic trash bag. Then place in your garbage can. 

Other disposal options

If you can’t dispose of your medical waste at home, try one of these options: 

  • Ask your doctor or local hospital
  • Check with your pharmacy – they may sell special containers for medical waste
  • Check with a regional household hazardous waste collection facility.