Public Works

This page has information about our Public Works Department. 

The Department is responsible for maintenance in the township, including roads, sewer and storm water, and general resident concerns. 

  1. Roads
  2. Sewer
  3. Snow Removal

Accidents and emergencies

If you see or have an accident on the road, dial 911.

Who looks after our roads

Our Roads Department look after township roads, while PennDOT maintains state roads.

The Township owns and maintains all traffic lights on state and private roads.

State Roads include:

  • PA Rt. 100 (Pottstown Pk.)
  • PA Rt. 113 (Uwchlan Ave.)
  • Byers Road
  • Newcomen Road
  • Ship Road
  • Whitford Road

Report an issue or a pothole

If you need to report an issue for a: 

State RoadTownship Road


An easement is a piece of land that can be used by third-parties for specific reasons, even if they don’t own the property. For example, if an electrical pole is located on your property, the utility company could access your land (via the easement) to service it. 

If you have an easement on your property, you need to keep it clear for access purposes. Do not plant anything or place any structures in the easement.

Before doing work on your property, you may need to check for easements. You can do this by requesting a plot plan. 

Request a Plot Plan