Historical Properties Renovation Checklist

Please put all of the following information in writing. (No project can be approved unless all the following information is in writing.)

Owner Information
  • Name of Legal Owner(s) of Property
  • Mailing Address of All Legal Owners
  • Address of Property
  • Tax Parcel Number Name of all persons, present at the meeting, representing the owner
Contractor Information
  • Contractor’s Name
  • Contractor’s Business Name and Address
  • Contractor’s Telephone Number
  • Copy of Contractor’s License (Uwchlan Township License)
Description of Work
Complete description of all proposed work; please bring the following samples:
  • Color Pictures (no larger than 8”x10”)
    • Showing the main buildings from the street side
    • Other pictures as needed to show needed repairs
  • Drawings and Plot Plan
    • Drawings of changes to the outside Architecture (no larger than 11” x 17”)
    • Plot Plan Showing set-backs and dimensions of all buildings and the property lines
  • Material List
    • A complete list of all materials to be used in the project
    • Include manufacturer and specifications
  • Samples
    • Color samples of all material to be used on the exterior, this should include but not be limited to paint colors, roof colors, etc.
    • Material samples of all materials used on the exterior. This should include but not be limited to roofing, siding, windows (a specification sheet is acceptable for windows) pointing material