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Uwchlan Township 300 Years Above the Valley

  • Susannah Brody and Mary Lou Buchenauer
  • Release Date: December 4th, 2011
  • $20

A 192 page history book about Uwchlan Township, its people, places and events. See the students who attended school in 1896, meet the first woman in Uwchlan Township to own her own car. Do you think you might have an early ancestor who is buried in Uwchlan Township? You will find the burial records of Uwchlan Meeting, St Paul’s United Church of Christ and St Paul’s Lutheran Church. What do you think your ancestors might have thought about the split between Uwchlan and Upper Uwchlan? Find a complete list of those who petitioned the court for the division and those who voted in the special election. Read about how people lived, where they went to school, which church they might have attended, and what they did to make a living.

The History of Dowlin Forge

  • By Susannah Brody
  • Released in 1995
  • $5

An early history of Industry in Uwchlan Township. This book includes information on the Hibberd and Dowlin Families as well as the Mary Ann Forge, Dowlin’s Grist Mill, Dowlin’s Sawmill, the company store.

Dear Sister

  • By Constance Happersett, Patricia Gaines, and Susannah Brody
  • Released in 2004
  • $8

Relive the story of the 2 Downing brothers who served in the Civil War. Letters to their Sister in Lionville came alive with photos and special background information in the book.

Anna B. Temple Her Diaries

  • By Estelle Cremer
  • Released in 1990
  • $20

Read the exact words written by this young woman who lived in the Lionville area in the mid 1860s.

The Diaries of Mary Jane Dowlin

  • Transcribed by Maisie Hodes-Wood
  • Released in 2000
  • $15

The connection to the Dowlin Forge is presented through the written daily activities of a survivor of the Civil War.

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