Single-Use Plastics Ordinance

This page has information about our Single-Use Plastic Ordinance. Single Use Plastics

About the Ordinance 

For commercial establishments in Uwchlan Township, our Single-Use Plastic Ordinance prohibits the use of:

  • carry-out plastic bags
  • polystyrene food containers, and 
  • single-use plastic straws.

This Ordinance aims to:

  • encourage people and businesses to reduce how much single-use plastic they use
  • reduce the harmful impacts of plastic on our environment and waterways
  • promote the use of alternatives, such as reusable bags and containers. 

To promote the use of reusable bags, the ordinance also institutes a $0.15 fee for recyclable paper bags. This fee does not come back to Uwchlan Township. It is used to help off-set the cost of paper bags to businesses. 

The Ordinance was passed on September 12th, 2022 and adopted December 9th, 2022. It came into effect March 16th, 2023


Items that are exempt from this Ordinance are: 

  • Produce or product bags
  • Laundry or dry cleaner bags
  • Bags used for newspaper home delivery
  • Bags used by a commercial establishment operated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 

Read the Ordinance here

Bag vendors for businesses

If your business is looking for compliant bag vendors, here’s a list to get you started. 

Please note: These vendors provide a starting point for businesses to begin evaluating supply options. They are not recommended or endorsed by the Township, and the use of these vendors is not required.

Business name
Bag types
American Paper Bag
Big World Promotions
Commonwealth Packaging Company
Crown Trophy 
Dynamic Advertising Solutions
Penn Jersey Paper