Permits & Forms


Effective immediately, Residential U&O inspections will be required for any property transfer with a settlement date of July 1, 2021 or later. Please click on the form below for the current application and inspection policy.


Building Permits
(Building Permits are NOW available online)

Please be advised that Building permits are required for various home improvement projects. These include new construction, additions, storage sheds, roofing, fences, pools and others. To ensure that your project does not require a Building Permit, please contact the office at 610-363-9450.

Contact the Zoning Officer and Building Inspector for Regulations and Restrictions.

Building permit applications are being accepted via email, regular mail or can be dropped off at the Township Building. All applications will be reviewed and processed accordingly.

For any questions, please contact us via email.

Digging & Utilities

Before starting any work that requires digging, remember to call the Pennsylvania One Call System 800-242-1776 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

You must give at least 3 days notice before beginning your project. They will notify the phone company, cable company, water, electric to mark the lines. Note that phone and cable lines are often within 6 inches of the surface.

Power digging equipment should not be used within 24 inches on either side of the markings.

Utility Codes

  • Red: Electric power line cables, conduit and lighting cable
  • Yellow: Gas, oil, steam, petroleum gaseous materials
  • Orange: Communications, alarm, signal lines, cable or conduit
  • Blue: Water, irrigation, slurry
  • Green: Sewers and drain lines
  • Pink: Temporary survey mark
  • White: Proposed excavation
Avoid Problems by calling 800-242-1776 to mark utility lines before you dig. The service is free and it's the law.

Applications and Forms