Proposed Subdivision and Land Developments 

Proposed Subdivisions and Land Developments

Development Date Application Type Description Status
Eagleview Town Center 2 Phase 2
1/10/2021 Preliminary Land Development Plan Proposed 4 story, 82 unit apartment building with future parking structure
Approved by BOS 3/14/2022
Turnpike Interchange Development
Preliminary/Final Land Development Plan 
Proposed construction of 3 Class A Warehouse buildings totaling 1,928,880 sf and the proposed construction of a 30-acre park on a 239 acre property previously referred to as the Vanguard property. 
Approved by BOS 9/14/2021
Conditional Use
Proposed phased construction of 364 apartment units, and a 10,000 sf office building adjacent to the existing Eagleview Town Center. Property is zoned PCID, Planned Commercial Industrial Development 
C.U.Approved by BOS 1/26/21
Preliminary Land Development Plan 

Proposed construction of 73 single-family residential units. Property is zoned single family residential and is approximately 80-acres in size.
Denied by BOS

10/13/20 Rev. 2/9/21
Preliminary/Final Land Development Plan
Proposed 24 apartments within two buildings and conversion of existing house to a rental unit
Approved by BOS 3/8/21
Preliminary Land Development Plan
Phase 1 consisting of a 36 unit apartment building, 30 unit apartment building, plus 88 units within 8 buildings, a clubhouse and pool, and the extension of Constitution Dr.
Approved by BOS 9/14/2021
Rossi Tract 10/13/20
Preliminary Land Development Plan
Proposed Shopping Center with three retail buildings with 87,595 sq ft of floor area and one restaurant of 12,932.5 sq ft of floor area Under Review