Milkweed Planting Workshop

The EAC’s Heart of Uwchlan project planted a milkweed garden by the meeting room wall of the township building, and we enjoyed lots of success.  The milkweed plants grew and bloomed, visiting monarchs laid eggs, their caterpillars fed, made pupae, and emerged as butterflies.  Many visitors have been asking how they could plant such a garden.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the EAC could not repeat last year’s Milkweed Seed Sowing workshop live, but a video has been made of our demo for you to enjoy.  The video below shows how to sow seeds in plastic jugs, leave the jugs out all winter to undergo the required “stratification” cold treatment, and enjoy seedlings in the spring to plant in your garden.  

How to get Milkweed Seeds

Thanks to a donor, we have packages of seeds of common milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) from the Save Our Monarchs Foundation available free for you.  The seed packets and a handout with details about sowing them are being placed in a rack in the lobby of the Uwchlan Township Admin offices.  Please be kind and limit yourself to taking no more than 4 packets; that will allow you to plant 1-4 jugs. 

Additional Resources

Helpful handouts are also available on the Uwchlan Township website on the EAC page’s “Useful Links” area. One handout, “Planting Milkweed Seeds,” provides details about how to do this seed sowing.  The process can be used for other kinds of native wildflowers so you can prepare to plant a more expanded pollinator garden in the spring.   The other handout, “Monarch Waystation Milkweed Garden Plant List” provides more details about different kinds of milkweed plants.  Several other handouts available there provide information about pollinator-friendly native plants and shrubs.

If you have questions, please contact the EAC using the “Contact EAC” button on the EAC web page to send an email.