Winter 2020 Edition

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2019 Uwchlan Township Police Academy Graduation

The Uwchlan Township Police Department welcomed 13 members of the community who had been chosen to participate in the Third Annual Uwchlan Township Citizen Police Academy.  After going through an application process, the participants met once a week for twelve (12) weeks, wherein they participated in various courses of instruction related to twenty-first century policing practices and training.  The academy was administered by Lieutenant Maureen Doyle and Officer Steven Scott, with participation by other members of the police department as well as officers from both Chester and Montgomery Counties.

            On December 10, 2019 a graduation celebration was held for the academy participants at the Uwchlan Township Public Meeting Room.  The Police Department also recognized an academy participant from the class of 2018.  At the conclusion of her academy participation, Deborah L. Van Kleef decided that she wanted to do something to give back to the community.  Mrs. Van Kleef, with the help of other members of her quilting club, began providing the Police Department with handmade quilts so the Department could distribute to those in need.  Because of her kind act, our officers have been able to provide quilts to both adults and children to bring them a bit of comfort during a difficult time. In recognition of her kind and selfless act, Mrs. Van Kleef was presented with a Citizen Service Award at the conclusion of the graduation. thumbnail_IMG_1529

Proper Placement of Mailboxes

Uwchlan Township takes every precaution to avoid damaging mailboxes during snow removal operations. Below are mailbox placement guidelines to help reduce the chance your mailbox is damaged this winter:

Mailboxes should be located 2’ from the edge of the pavement to provide adequate clearance at an non-curbed roadway.

The mailbox face should be located 8” behind the curb face at a curbed roadway.

Mailboxes should be installed on the side of your driveway away from approaching traffic. This will lessen the likelihood of a plow strike, and minimize the shoveling needed to clear the area around the mailbox.

Basketball Nets/Goals

If you have a portable basketball hoop on a public street, please remove it  from the ROW during the winter season, as they can interfear with snow plowing operations. Basketball nets/goals should not be in the street ever, for any reason.

The USPS requires that:

The mailbox be installed at least 42” above the roadway surface.

Mailbox posts not exceed 4” by 4” for wooden posts, and a 2” diameter for steel pipe posts. Larger posts are deemed “deadly fixed objects” and are not permitted within the right-of-way.


Winter Operations

Once snow begins to fall, trucks are out to plow and salt the roadways, following specific routes that clear emergency routes and high priority roads first. For safety reasons, cul-de-sacs and other secondary roads are not plowed until all emergency routes and high priority roads are passable. Our Public Works team will always do their very best to keep roadways as clear as possible, as quickly as possible, but we need your help.

Parking is prohibited on any township street during a snowstorm and until the street has been plowed for the full width. This is required by law, and violators may have their vehicles towed and be subject to a fine. This is critical on narrow streets and cul-de-sacs where maneuverability of the large plow trucks is essential.

Place trash cans and recycling containers curbside, not in the street, for any reason! Our trucks plow curb-to-curb, and your receptacles will be hit if in the street. The township will not replace them.

Do not clear the end of your driveway until the road has been plowed from curb-to-curb. This will save you time and frustration! If your street has not been plowed curb-to-curb, it will be. Please give us time to do our jobs. It is not our intention to annoy you! Do not shovel or plow the snow from your driveway into the street. This can cause accidents, and it is illegal to do so. Any snow you put into the street will only end up back in your or your neighbor’s yard.

Development Update

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USSC Expansion
100 Welsh Pool Rd
 183,717 sq ft warehouse/office
Uwchlan Hills Elementary
50 Peck Road
 81,969 sq ft School
Eagleview Lot 24
Stockton Dr  
Planned Life Care Facility 

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Boas Vision Associates 577 W. Uwchlan Ave2,519 sq ft building addition.
J Loew & Associates 151 Sheree Blvd37,938 sq ft flex building

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Iron Hill Brewery260 Eagleview BlvdRestaurant/Brewery
Eagleview Apartments at Town Center 
Eagleview Town Center
44 apartments, 10,000 sq ft addition to ACAC and 25,000 sq ft outdoor recreation area

Uwchlan Ambulance Community First Aid and CPR Training Opportunities

In this course, students learn personal safety, bleeding control, splinting, basic treatment of medical emergencies, and basic information gathering. Students are also taught how to work with incoming EMS providers and how basic first aid fits into the chain of survival. Upon successful completion of this course, the student will receive an ASHI Basic First Aid certification card, valid for 2 years. This course is offered at no charge to our community!  Also check the “Combo Course” dates which are classes for both Basic First Aid and CPR/AED taught together.

Upcoming Course Offerings:

First Aid Class Schedule

  • Thursday, March 12, 2020
  • Thursday, June 11, 2020
  • Thursday, September 10, 2020
  • Thursday, December 10, 2020

Community CPR/AED Training

  • Thursday, February 13, 2020
  • Thursday, April 16, 2020
  • Thursday, May 21, 2020
  • Thursday, July 9, 2020
  • Thursday, August 6, 2020
  • Thursday, October 15, 2020
  • Thursday, November 19, 2020

All classes start promptly at 6PM and last about 4 hours.

Please visit for information on how to register and to view more training opportunities through the Uwchlan Ambulance Company.  

January is National Radon Action Month

Radon is a radioactive gas that forms naturally when uranium, thorium, or radium, which are radioactive metals break down in rocks, soil and groundwater. People can be exposed to radon primarily from breathing radon in air that comes through cracks and gaps in buildings and homes. Because radon comes naturally from the earth, people are always exposed to it.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Surgeon General’s office estimate radon is responsible for more than 20,000 lung cancer deaths each year in the U.S. When you breathe in radon, radioactive particles from radon gas can get trapped in your lungs. Over time, these radioactive particles increase the risk of lung cancer. It may take years before health problems appear.


What Can You Do?

1. Check Your Area’s Radon Potential

Find out if you are buying a home in a high radon area. The Environmental Protection Agency’s map of radon zones shows which areas have the greatest potential for elevated indoor radon readings. Homes in places with high radon potential, called Zone 1 areas, should be built with radon-resistant features.

2. Install a Radon Reduction System

Talk to your builder about installing a radon reduction system. You can obtain free copies of the EPA’s Model Standards and architectural drawings and use them to explain the techniques to your builder. Let your builder know that the radon resistant features can be easily installed with common building practices and materials.

3. Remember: Test Your Home

Every new home should be tested for radon after occupancy. Test your home even if it has the radon resistant features. Test kits are inexpensive and may be purchased at your local hardware store. Or visit National Radon Services Program to order a test kit.

4. If Radon Levels Are Still High, Activate

If your home tests at 4.0 picoCuries per liter (pCi/L) or above, activate the system by installing an in-line fan. Call a local radon mitigator about installing the fan. Consult one or both of the national radon proficiency programs or your state radon contact for a list of qualified radon service professionals near you.

Source: EPA: 

2020 Budget Approved 

At their December meeting, the Uwchlan Township Board of Supervisors approved the 2020 budget. A copy of the 2020 budget can be found online on the Township website by Clicking Here.

Important Dates

Date Event Time
1/01/2020 New Years Day Offices Closed
1/06/2020 Board of Supervisors Reorganization Meeitng 4:00 PM
1/06/2020 Park & Recreation Committee Reorganization Meeting 7:30 PM
1/07/2020 Board of Auditors Reorganization Meeting 4:00 PM
1/08/2020 Christmas Tree Pick Up 6:00 AM
1/08/2020 Planning Commission Reorganization Meeting 7:30 PM
1/09/2020 Municipal Authority Reorganization Meeting 4:00 PM
1/09/2020 Historical Commission Reorganization Meeting 7:30 PM
1/13/2020 Board of Supervisors Meeting 7:30 PM
1/15/2020 Environmental Advisory Council Reorganization Meeting 6:30 PM
1/16/2020 Comprehensive Plan Committee Meeting 3:00 PM
1/17/2020 Uwchlan Township Industrial Development Authority Reorganization Meeting 8:30 AM
1/21/2020 Community Day Committee Meeting  7:00 PM
2/05/2020 Christmas Tree Pick Up 6:00 AM
2/05/2020 Planning Commission Meeting  7:30 PM
2/10/2020 Board of Supervisors Meeting  7:30 PM
2/13/2020 Historical Commission Meeting 7:30 PM
2/17/2020 Presidents Day Offices Closed
2/18/2020 Community Day Committee Meeting  7:00 PM
3/02/2020 Park & Recreation Committee Meeting 7:00 PM
3/04/2020 Planning Commission Meeting 7:30 PM
3/07/2020 Yard Waste Pick Up 6:00 AM
3/09/2020 Board of Supervisors Meeting 7:30 PM
3/12/2020 Historical Commission Meeting  7:30 PM
3/17/2020 Community Day Committee Meeting  7:00 PM
3/18/2020 Environmental Advisory Council  6:30 PM

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Important Phone Numbers:

AQUA: 610-525-1400

PECO: 215-841-4000

PECO Outage Hotline: 215-841-4141

PENNDOT: 484-340-3200

PENNDOT Maintenance: 484-340-3201

Chester County SPCA: 484-302-0865

Chester County Health Department: 610-344-6225

Contact the Township

Address: 715 N. Ship Road Exton, PA 19341

Phone: (610) 363-9450

Fax:(610) 363-0518


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