Environmental Advisory Council


Regular Meetings

  • 7:00 PM
  • The third Thursday of every other month.

Workshop Meetings

  • 7:00 PM
  • The third Thursday of every other month.

EAC Agendas and Minutes

EAC Members

  • Nick Kurtz - Chair
  • Toni Gorkin - Vice Chair
  • Tawnya McCain - Secretary 
  • Alexa Manning
  • Kimberly Mariani
  • Susan Harris
  • Jim Warihay

Contact Information

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Goals of the EAC

  • Increase public awareness, education and involvement regarding environmental issues such as stormwater management, recycling, pollution management and biodiversity through community activities, presentations, social media and the Township website.
  • Assist the Township Board of Supervisors in developing policy recommendations related to sustainable practices and supporting environmental education and involvement initiatives in the community.
  • Promote sound management of water resources, stormwater runoff, natural resources, recycling opportunities and beneficial gardening and wildlife preservation in the Township.
  • Continue EAC member education through interaction with the community, regional, and local environmental organizations to stay informed of the latest environmental regulations and trends to make Uwchlan Township a leader in environmental issues in Chester County.
  • Evaluate available funding opportunities to facilitate implementation of environmentally-beneficial projects in the Township through local, state and federal grants.