To be placed on the NO SOLICITATION LIST please click here. Please note that political and religious organizations are exempt from the no solicitation list under the law.

Every person to whom a license has been issued shall, in the carrying on of his/her business or activities in the Township, comply with the following rules of conduct:

A.  The individual shall carry and exhibit the Uwchlan Township solicitor's permit card at all times.

B.  The licensee shall not permit any other person to have possession of the permit card and shall immediately notify the Township Secretary of its loss. This person shall not cause or permit the permit card to be altered or defaced.

C.  He/she shall not enter or attempt to enter any dwelling house, business or industry without invitation or permission of the occupant and shall immediately leave any premises upon request.

D.  The individual shall not represent the Uwchlan Township solicitor's permit card to be an endorsement of himself/herself or of his/her goods or of the goods or services of his/her principal or employer.

E.  The approved vendor, employees or agents thereof shall not engage in any business or activity authorized under § 184-1 except between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. of the then current prevailing time.

F.  The approved vendor shall not permit the throwing or discarding of any paper, debris or other such items upon the public streets, highways or other places of Uwchlan Township.

G.  All mobile vehicles for the purpose of vending food products shall have suitable trash and recycling containers clearly marked as such, and the vehicle shall clearly bear the markings and identifications of the licensed vendor. The vehicle must clearly display any and all required licenses from any federal, state, county and/or local agency.

H.  The approved vendor shall not conduct his/her business activity at any geographical location within Uwchlan Township that is deemed to be unsafe due to traffic hazards or other similar situations by the Township Manager, Chief of Police or other designate as authorized by Uwchlan Township.

I.  The approved vendor shall immediately surrender his/her Uwchlan Township solicitor's permit card and all permit cards of his/her employees or agents upon revocation and notification of revocation of said license as herein provided.

J.  The approved vendor shall notify the Uwchlan Township Police Department on a daily basis of the times and locations of any and all activities being conducted in the Township.