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Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection – Contains information on Pennsylvania’s storm water management program including the Best Management Practices manual.

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Southeast Regional Office – Provides information on Southeast Pennsylvania’s storm water management program and procedures for reporting an environmental incident.

Chester County Conservation District - The mission of CCCD is to provide leadership in addressing natural resource conservation issues by promoting the sustainable use of those resources to the citizens of Chester County through education and technical assistance.

Brandywine Valley Association - BVA provides Water protection and Environmental Education for the Brandywine Valley.  BVA is now more than 800 members strong and is still working to protect the picturesque and productive Brandywine Creek.

Chester County Water Resources Authority - The mission of CCWRA is to provide the basic science, analyses and planning necessary to protect public safety, to preserve the integrity of the County’s natural water resources and watershed systems, and to balance the needs of water users in support of Landscapes and planned growth for the County.

Turn your home into a Stormwater Pollution Solution! – The EPA homeowner’s guide to healthy habits for clean water.

Stormwater Information for Homeowners – Information about what can be done on your property and in your community to improve the health of our watersheds.

Stormwater Discharges from MS4s
– General information about stormwater discharges from municipal separate storm sewers.

Stormwater Manager's Resource Center - The SMRC provides tools and techniques necessary to protect watersheds and to enhance and restore local water resources.

Low Impact Development Center – Information on protecting the environment and water resources through integrated site design techniques.

Strategies: Community Responses to Runoff Pollution – This interactive web document explores some of the most effective strategies that communities are using around the nation to control urban runoff pollution.

Guidebook to Maintaining Privately Owned Stormwater Systems – This document was published by the Northern Virginia Regional Commission but is applicable to all privately owned stormwater management facilities in the Township. Provides a resource for maintaining different type of stormwater management facilities.

NPDES Permit Program Basics – This website contains basic information on the major features and elements of the NPDES permit program.

National Menu of Storm Water Best Management Practices (BMPs) – This interactive web document gives an overview of all BMPs for guidance and reference purposes.

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