Storm Water

This page has information about storm water pollution and management. 

What is storm water pollution? 

When rain falls on a surface that water can’t pass through, such as a paved street, a roof or driveway, it often runs off into a storm drain. Instead of slowly soaking into the ground, it picks up chemicals and pollutants which are then carried into our waterways.

For example, oil, grease, pesticides, and litter can all be swept down the drain and cause harm. 

This creates several problems, including: 

  • negative impacts on overall stream health, from high volumes of water undercutting streambeds and causing erosion
  • more pollution impairing our waterways, affecting how we use these fresh water resources
  • contaminating drinking water supplies, and interfering with fish, aquatic organisms, and wildlife habitats.

How we're reducing storm water pollution 

We’re part of a statewide campaign to combat storm water pollution. The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has developed measures and guidelines to help communities like Uwchlan manage storm water issues. These measures include: 

  • educating people on the impacts of storm water
  • providing opportunities for public participation 
  • working to detect and eliminate illicit discharges 
  • supporting construction sites with run-off and post-construction management
  • following best practices for pollution prevention in Township operations

More information about these measures is on the DEP website

Uwchlan Township's Pollutant Reduction Plan (PRP)

As part of meeting our DEP obligations, we have a Pollutant Reduction Plan (PRP). This document outlines the steps we’re taking to manage storm water and improve stream health in our Township. The plan was put in place in 2017 and revised in 2020. 

You can view the plan here and map set here:

Uwchlan Township Pollutant Reduction Plan (PRP) [PDF] 
Uwchlan Township MS4 Maps [PDF]
2021 MS4 Renewal Public Notice [PDF]

A copy is also available at the Township Building. 

Ways you can help

We can all play a part in reducing storm water pollution. 

  1. Report an issue
  2. Community Events

You can help by reporting: 

  • clogged, leaking, or overflowing sanitary sewer lines
  • illegal dumping activity into streams or storm sewers
  • inadequately treated effluent from a sewage treatment plant
  • any pollutants in a stream
  • sediment leaving a construction site in storm water
  • spills of hazardous materials (Chemical, Gas, Oil). 

Depending on situation, you may need to contact a different agency. Use the table below to contact the right people.

IssueContactAdditional Information

Water Quality Complaints

DEP Water Quality Complaint Hotline

484-250-5900 or 

Anytime, including evenings and weekends

Spills and other Emergencies Hotline



PA Emergency Management Agency 


Off-site discharge of sediment

Chester County Conservation District


Send photo, full address, and directions

Clogged, leaking, overflowing sewer lines

Uwchlan Township 


After hours call Chester Co. Dept. of Emergency Services 610-692-5100

Fish kills, illegal fishing

PA Fish and Boat Commission 


For fish kills, also call DEP 


Broken water mains